7 Trending Color Combinations to Wear

7 Trending Color Combinations to Wear

A girl needs to be updated with the latest in fashion and only the knowledge of the latest cuts and designs won’t do. She has to know the art of matching colors and wear combos that are in trend. These eclectic color combinations will make you a fashionista and get you loads of compliments for the uniqueness. The magic of a dress is not in the dress itself, but in aptly accessorizing and matching of it.

1. Monochrome

Monochrome, that is the combination of black and white, is the most eternal one which will never go out of fashion. It’s always fashionable to combine these 2 colors of the opposite spectrum of the color palette. They look classy especially when worn as formals or designs like stripes and polka dots.

2. Fierce pink and black

Fierce pink, which is the brightest pink, also known as neon pink or pop pink, looks even more contrastingly beautiful when worn with black. This is a color combo which will never let you go unnoticed because it’s a very bold one. The easiest way to wear this is by putting on a black skirt or pants with a fierce pink top or you could even jazz up your LBD by adding pink stripes onto it or combining it with pop pink heels or accessories.

3. Neon on neon

Neon on neon is also popularly known as the color blocking trend and has been in news since last year. If you wish to really stand out as a fashionista who makes bold style statements then this is the trend for you. Combine royal blue pants with neon pink, yellow, orange or fluorescent grenades or yellow tops. You could also use neon colored accessories and shoes.

4. Black + yellow

No this combo won’t make you look like a taxi or a bee as everyone thinks. It’s actually a pretty neat color combination when worn correctly. Black, white and denim blue are 3 clothing colors that go with almost every other color out there and when you combine ebony with yellow it gives a striking and strong look.

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