5 Most Popular Gardening Magazines

5 Most Popular Gardening Magazines

Gardening is a fun way to exercise and the joy you get out of creating something beautiful and functional is boundless. Gardening is however not an easy task and not all of us have green fingers. It requires a lot of research, patience and hard work to create a truly beautiful garden. Some of us can afford a gardener and some of us can’t. Either ways subscribing to a gardening magazine helps a lot, giving us some practical tips and lot of pictures to give us more ideas on how a garden can look and how much can be gotten out of the space that we have.

1. Country Gardens

It is published by the same group that publishes better homes and gardens and comes with useful tips on gardening. It also has crafts that you can bring in to your gardening. Like the tagline in their website says it truly celebrates the spirit and romance of gardening as a lifestyle. It has a very helpful question and answer section where the people from the magazine solve any gardening dilemmas you might have.

2. Garden Design

Going through the magazine you will be baffled with the photos of beautiful gardens and how to do projects. Also there is information about garden design, garden photos, landscape design, planting guides and decoration tips.

3. Garden Gate Magazine

A magazine that has no advertisements. As difficult it is to believe, it is a magazine that runs solely on support from its readers and that is a testament to its popularity. It comes with a lot of information on plants, seasonal flowers and also the specific kind of care each needs.

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