7 Signs You Are A Good Kisser

7 Signs You Are A Good Kisser

It is often said that the first kiss can tell you all about the future of your relationship! So if you are a good kisser, then things can really look up for you. You can enjoy a much better relationship with your boyfriend. But how can you know whether you really are a good kisser or not? Well, here’s a quick list of signs that you are good at the art of kissing.

1. Your guy can’t have enough of you

If your boyfriend can’t resist coming to you for your magical kiss, then you should feel proud of your kissing skills!

2. Your noses are not on collision course

If you don’t bump into his nose while kissing, that means you know what you are doing, and you are doing it quite right too!

3. You don’t drench your guy in saliva

If no saliva flows out while you guy is busy kissing, then that means you are an elegant kisser. Sometimes kisses can be quite messy, which leaves the couple in bad taste!

4. You have good oral health

You take care of your oral hygiene and do not have any bad breath. A good kisser is essentially the one who is good at taking care of her oral health.

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