5 Signs That You Are In A Bad Relationship

5 Signs That You Are In A Bad Relationship

Can you imagine how bad it’d be to be stuck in a bad relationship? It is every woman’s worst nightmare. Don’t let this happen to you or any of your friends. Here are some situations which can be clear signs of a bad relationship.

1. Are you being verbally abused on a regular basis?

Are you facing a barrage of verbal abuse on a daily basis? We are not talking about petty fights and arguments that all couples have. If your partner gives you regular doses of verbal abuse, it may be a sign of a bad relationship.

2. Has your relationship gone beyond its expiry date?

There may be cases when a woman and a man may have got into a relationship after initial sparks of attraction, but then find out that they’re both just not cut out for each other. Do you think that you are on the same road too? Typical signs of a bad relationship are lack of love, lack of romance and excitement, a dull outlook towards each other and an ‘I don’t care’ attitude. Act before you get stuck in the rut of a stale relationship.

3. Is your partner spending very little time with you?

Does your partner always have excuses like ‘Oh not today, I have to stay back at work’ or ‘I’m meeting this old work colleague of mine at the pub’ when you ask him to take you out for dinner or a date? Do you feel that he is deliberately trying to avoid you? A frequent attempt by your partner to dismantle plans of being together with you is a clear sign of a bad relationship.

4. Does your relationship lack honesty?

Honesty and trust are the basic foundation pillars for any relationship, don’t you agree? If your relationship is plagued by lies and dishonest answers, we think that it is a glaring sign of a bad relationship. The problem with lies is that one lie leads to another and before you know it, the situation spirals out of control. Know this sign of a bad relationship and don’t let your life spiral out of control.

5. Does your partner take you for granted?

It is one thing for your partner to expect you to accommodate his needs and demands but it is another to take you for granted, which is a prominent sign of a bad relationship. The attitude of ‘taking your partner for granted’ may not only lead to a bad relationship but can also lead to an abusive relationship. Neither you nor your partner deserve to be taken for granted. If this is happening to you, watch out for the warning signs, friends.

We think that if you go over these questions again, you will notice that they are great indicators and signs of a bad relationship. Assess your relationship and your partner’s attitude, keeping in mind these delicate issues. See if there are any signs of a bad relationship that you need to watch out for.

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