10 Bad Habits That Ruin Relationships

10 Bad Habits That Ruin Relationships

A relationship is very delicate, almost like a pack of cards. One little gust of air and it all comes crashing down. When you are in a relationship, you have to be extra cautious because you won’t even realize when you have crossed the line that will harm your relation. However, we are here to point out exactly those habits that can lead to ruin your relationship.

1. Lying to him

The sole foundation of a relationship lies on honesty. You should be able to tell your partner everything even if it’s something wrong that you have done. He might be upset for a while, but at least you don’t have it in your conscience that you lied to him. But if you constantly lie to him even for trivial issues, then you are heading for a fall in your relationship as your partner won’t trust you even when you speak the truth.

2. Doubting him

If you want him to trust you, you should also be doing the same for him. If he goes out with his friends to watch a rugby match, you shouldn’t be thinking that he might have gone with his ex or that he’s lying to you. You also shouldn’t be checking his mails, Facebook or Twitter pages or his cell phone. This is a big turn off for guys and will harm your relation.

3. Finding faults with his family

Everyone loves their family and wouldn’t like to hear anything bad about them. So if you are constantly telling him about the inconsistencies in his family or how they behave or something like that, he is not going to like it. This goes especially if his family is always sweet to you, yet you criticize them for silly things.

4. Trying to make him change

This is something that many girls try to do. If he likes you the way you are, then you should also accept him for whatever he is. He won’t like you pestering him always about things such as his dressing style or the way he walks. He was the same when you fell in love with him, so why cringe about it now and ruin your relationship?

5. Arguing in public

No one likes to take their personal life out on the streets. So if you do that often with him, he will get upset with this behavior. Whatever it is that you want to tell him, you can do that when you reach home or talk in low voices. But if you don’t, then chances are that he’ll want to leave you.

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