6 Benefits of Keeping a Personal Journal

6 Benefits of Keeping a Personal Journal

The world could very well be divided into those who keep a personal note of the daily happenings in the form of a diary and those who don’t. Although in today’s day and age of smartphones, tablets and laptops, not many people may jot down stuff in a paperback, the concept of maintaining a personal journal remains the same. It’s never too late to start keeping a note of day-to-day memories. Here are 6 reasons why you should.

1. Memories are saved

The prime reason for maintaining a personal journal is of course, memories. People write down whatever has happened throughout the day, daily, so that the memories are retained. After all, our lives would have no meaning whatsoever without our memories. When you open a diary, it’s like time travel; you could select any date from your life and relive the happenings of the day through these memories. Plus, it’s totally apt for someone with a weak memory.

2. Writing skills and handwriting improve

Besides the preservation of memories, writing in a diary every day will improve your creativity and writing skills. You will find that from the first day to the 50th day, your articles have become more concise and articulated. Also, your handwriting stands to improve with regular writing.

3. You are more aware of things in the past

As we grow older, our memories tend to fade away. No matter how strong our memories may be, we don’t really remember the small things that actually make up the memory. This sense of loss will not be felt if you jot down things on the very day they happen. Thus, you can stay more in touch with the past that shaped you for the present.

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