26 Reasons to Learn Pole Dancing

Reasons to Learn Pole Dancing

Pole dance is the ‘whole’ dance because it combines dance with exercise and workout. So here are 26 reasons why you should learn pole dancing:

1. It combines fun with exercise. What more can one ask for?

2. You can amaze your partner with your newly learned sensual and sexy moves.

3. You get a high by learning to perform those stunts on pole.

4. You learn an amazing sense of balance.

5. It lends a grace and poise to your body.

6. It will add sophistication and style to your gait.

7. It’s a pretty good exercise for the muscles of your arms.

8. It makes your body flexible.

9. It adds some spice and fun to your love life.

10. It helps you in your weight loss and fitness plans.

11. In pole dancing, you have the freedom to combine many different dance forms in one.

12. When you are bored of your exercise routine or going to gym, it offers a refreshing alternative.

13. You can make new friends and expand your social circle when you join pole dancing classes.

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