Top 5 Tips To Avoid Knee Pain

Top 5 Tips To Avoid Knee Pain

If you thought knee pain happened only after you reach your fifties, you are highly mistaken. You could be a victim of severe knee pain because of reasons ranging from an improper way of running, lack of exercise and nutrition to wearing the wrong type of shoes. Whatever your age group may be, it’s never too late to follow these top tips to avoid knee pain in the future.

1. Keep balanced body weight to avoid knee pain

We don’t need to be medical professionals to know this tip to avoid knee pain, do we? If you are obese and do not have normal body weight according to your height, chances are that you will be giving stress to your knees when you walk. Not only that, you will also have increased chances of having osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease. You’d rather avoid knee pain than going through all this, right?

2. Wear flat footwear as much as you can

We understand that a woman’s look is incomplete without her favorite pair of high heels and stylish footwear. But if you’re wearing high heels all the time, then you might be inviting knee and heel troubles. We recommend that you wear flat footwear that allows proper alignment of your feet to the base. Avoid knee pain by safeguarding your hamstrings, friends.

3. Exercise regularly to build core strength of your knees and avoid pain

Whether you are regular at hitting the gym with cardio, weights, Yoga or Pilates, you must do leg and knee exercises with discretion under the guidance of your instructor. If you choose to exercise regularly to avoid knee pain in the future, you should do specific muscle strengthening exercises that build the overall strength of your calves, thighs, hamstrings and knee cap. Not only is guided exercising a great way to avoid knee pain, but it will also reduce the overall risk of injury to your knees.

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