6 Tips to be a Good Santa Claus

6 Tips to be a Good Santa Claus

What’s Christmas without a jolly old Santa Claus! Well, it is not that easy to be a good Santa. It is not just about the “Ho-Ho-Ho”. There is a lot more that you should keep in mind to fill Santa’s shoes. We give you some great tips to be a good Santa and spread the Christmas cheer all around.

1. Stay enthusiastic

No one likes a lazy and forlorn Santa Claus. In order to be a good Santa, you must keep your spirits high and welcome everyone with great zest and enthusiasm. If you are energetic, then you will be able to spread the Christmas cheer. Your attitude will lift the spirit of all those around you. Just remember that your presence as Santa should add to everyone’s joy and excitement.

2. Greet everyone with love

This is one of the most important things that a good Santa must keep in mind. You must meet and greet everyone with lots of affection and love. Be nice to everyone and do not hurt anyone’s sentiments. Even if you are feeling tired or impatient, stay calm and give equal attention and care to each and every person.

3. Don’t forget to smile

Your smile can make all the difference! A good Santa Claus must have a very contagious and genuine smile. This would go a long way in spreading the Christmas cheer all over. Kids will love you if you have a gentle smile on your face when they come to tell you their Christmas wishes.

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