Why You Must Find Time for Yourself?

Why You Must Find Time for Yourself?

You play many roles in your life – a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a manager – and so many more. And with the kind of pressures you face, it is your natural instinct as a caregiver and a provider to give priority to everyone and everything else in your life but yourself! And that, woman, is not a good practice! It is so important that you take out time for yourself!

Think about it. If you do not make time for your own self, why would others even bother? Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality, and if you, like so many other women, just burn and burn and burn for others and in the process end up doing too much and feeling empty, you need to find time for the good old giving you!

Everyone’s mental, physical and spiritual needs crave to be pampered. Your intellect waits to be scratched, your mind wishes to be challenged, your body wants to be spoilt! When will you do that if all that you do is so great that you cannot do anything to satisfy these yearnings sourced within yourself?

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