5 Tips To Travel Alone

5 Tips To Travel Alone

Travelling all by yourself is such a wonderful experience that every person must do it in their lives at least once. When you travel alone, you are the boss and you get to decide what you want to do. You are not restricted in your plans by what others want to do. When you travel alone, you also make some wonderful friends and meet people you otherwise would not notice. Travelling in a group or with someone can make you give your attention to them and you might miss on the other things happening around you. Even though travelling alone is a lot of fun, you also need to make sure that you take certain precautions as travelling alone is not always safe. Here are some tips to have fun and be safe if you are travelling alone.

1. Stay with your itinerary, give a copy to someone from your family or a friend and inform them of any changes

It is important that you stick to your plans if you are travelling by yourself. If something happens to you and we hope not, your parents or loved ones should be able to track you. Sticking to your itinerary helps them track your movements. Also call them or write to them from wherever you are to let them know that you are going to a different location or that you have come to another place.

2. Do not flash cash

It is the worst thing you can do if you are travelling alone. Try not to flash cash. Keep with you only the money you would need for the day and keep the rest in a safe place or do not take it out of the bank. If you have a safe place to keep your cards, put them there and do not carry them around everywhere you go. Keep money in different places on you and take out only what you need. Do not take everything you’ve got and count it in front of strangers.

3. If someone is persistent on knowing more about you or is following you around let them know that you are travelling with people and that you would meet them later on

Never tell strangers that you are travelling by yourself. Always maintain that you would be meeting your friends or family a few hours later or a few days later. Create an impression that you are not alone and that you are travelling in a group. When people know that you are not helpless and all by yourself they would bother you less and try not to try anything with you.

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