Bad Habits That Harm Your Skin

Bad Habits That Harm Your Skin

The largest and the most important part of the body is also the most neglected one. Yes, we’re talking about the skin. It is the skin which gives you the fifth sense, the sense of touch. Hence, taking care of the skin is essential. A few moisturizers and sunscreens occasionally is not the permanent solution. There are a few bad habits that can surprisingly have bad effects on skin. It is necessary to get rid of them to avoid the various problems that arise due to unhealthy and unclean skin.

You roam around the whole day, go to work, travel, eat and come back home. A shower after a hectic day is considered good and healthy. True. But many forget the fact that even after the shower, you eat, walk around and accumulate dirt yet again. Going to shower every time is not what we are suggesting. A face wash before you sleep is advisable, especially if you have makeup on. The oil on your face tends to accumulate, forming acne and damaging your skin. Most of us ignore this habit. It is time we started practicing it. It would be much better if you splash your face with water every now and then.

For those who have late night calls as a part and parcel of your lives, here is a shocking bad habit that can damage your skin. Keeping the phone on the cheek instead of holding it with your hand is not advisable. The cell phone will be in direct contact with your cheek and can cause a rash, no matter if there is bacteria or dirt on the phone or not. Actually speaking, late night calls itself is a bad habit. The human body requires at least 7 hours of sleep. Failing so would have a bad effect on the body, mind and the skin too. Dark circles, for example, would erupt. If there is not enough sleep, it can cause tensions ultimately leading to skin diseases like acne and eczema.

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