7 Things You Wish Your Husband Knew

7 Things You Wish Your Husband Knew

There may be many things about you and your personality that your husband may not know even after marriage. Here are the things that you may not choose to directly verbalize to your husband, but you wish he knew.

1. You can be tough too

You want your husband to know that you are not a delicate darling, you can be tough too. Sometimes, you too like the feeling of being the shoulder that your husband can rest on. You wish your husband knew that he is not the only one who has to shoulder the responsibility of being tough.

2. You are scared of racing ahead of him in your careers

You may be secretly worried about racing past your husband in his career. You hesitate to talk to your husband openly about this, since it may become an ego issue. You want your husband to know that even if you’re a position or two ahead of him in your career, your husband will always be your real hero.

3. You get jealous too

Popularly, men are always portrayed to be the ones who act possessive and jealous of their wives or girlfriends. But women can get jealous of their men too. When you see your husband smiling and talking to other women or a woman trying to flirt with your husband, you become extremely insecure too. You want your husband to know that jealousy is only human and his actions with other females may make you go green.

4. You are afraid of infidelity

You want your husband to know that you may fear him succumbing to a one night stand or a brief affair, no matter how sound your marriage is. Although this is a scenario which is typically shown in movies, real life wives can be afraid of it too. This is one issue that many wives may not openly talk to their husbands about, but wish they could. It is a sensitive matter and talking about it is generally not straightforward.

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