7 Tips to Spot a Dominating Boyfriend

7 Tips to Spot a Dominating Boyfriend

Do you think that your boyfriend’s behavior with you is slowly going from clingy to obsessive to dominating? Identify these signs of a dominating personality and spot your boyfriend’s dominating behavior before it gets out of control.

1. He tries to belittle your confidence

A dominating boyfriend will try to belittle your confidence by continuously telling you how he is better than you. He will also put you down by saying something that makes you doubt your own abilities. His main aim will be to make you feel that he is way better than you in all aspects and that you should learn things about life from him.

2. You are wrong all the time

A clear sign of a dominating boyfriend is when he always makes himself appear right. In all your arguments, he always claims to be right and always makes you believe that you are wrong. In any relationship, it is not possible for one partner to be right all the time. However, your dominating boyfriend’s manipulative behavior could be causing you to believe that you are wrong every time.

3. He discredits all your friends as losers

A dominating boyfriend may try to discredit all your friends as losers. He will ridicule them as stupid or immature by picking flaws in each and every one of them. He will also not like it when you meet your own friends. He may or may not stop you, but he will clearly show his extreme displeasure.

4. He keeps ordering you around

Does your boyfriend always keep ordering you around? Does he never ask or make a request? If this is the case, his dominating behavior could be the reason why he never sees the need to ask you politely. For example, he will never use words like ‘please’ when he asks you to do him a favor and he will just tell you what to do in a curt voice.

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