7 Ways To Strengthen Mother-Daughter Bond

7 Ways To Strengthen Mother-Daughter Bond

A mother-daughter relationship is perhaps one of the most under-spoken relationships in the world today. The bond they share is special and pristine and often difficult to explain or justify with words. But there are times when the relationship strains especially during the adolescent years and it takes some maturity and experience to understand what it is to have a mother or vice versa. If you think you are experiencing a strain in your relationship with your mother or your daughter; here are some quick tips to make amends.

1. Communicate

Communication is key not just in a mother-daughter relationship but any bond you want to sustain happily. Communication is the healthiest during a child’s early years with the parent. However, a strain usually begins to form as the daughter grows up, approaches adolescence and continues for a few more years and then looks up again when she settles down personally and professionally. The intermittent period can drain out both the parties and hence expressing concern and happiness equally in a matured manner is very important to ease out troubles during any stage.

2. Repair damage

Damages and friction are a part of any relationship regardless of the extent of compatibility. Therefore, while it is inevitable to avoid damages; what can be done efficiently is treat or correct them and as early as possible. Postponing or ignoring the problem on hand is not going to help in any way.

3. Choose empathy over sympathy

Sympathy is a very simple virtue that is going to fetch nothing for the other in a relationship. If you really want to show your support, care and affection; put yourself in the shoes of your mother or your daughter and for a few moments, think of life from their angle. A lot of misconceptions and differences can be solved almost instantly. Make amends from your end accordingly towards an amicable relationship.

4. Having fun

Fun is not just meant to be had between peers. A lot of healthy mommy-daughter time at every stage in your life is very important. Enjoy the beauty of the other personality minus the role caps you are wearing to develop and nurture a beautiful relationship together. Playing, shopping, cooking, eating out or simply taking a walk together are some simple things you should take time out to make life more beautiful.

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