7 Ways to know If He is Cheating on You

Ways to know If He is Cheating on You

The foundation of any relationship is trust. If you cannot trust your partner, you cannot respect him; and if you cannot respect him, you cannot be in love with him. Similarly, in order to maintain a healthy relationship with your beau, you ought to be sure about his interest, respect for you and most importantly, his fidelity. Is he absolutely faithful? Or is he cheating on you? Do not second guess or wonder – be absolutely sure. Find out once and for all whether he is trustworthy or not. Know for real whether he is having an affair with someone else other than you. There are several ways to figure this out. Here are the top 7 ways to know if he is cheating on you.

1. He has changed his grooming habits

If you notice a change in his grooming habits, get cautious. He may be combing his hair too perfectly, taking too much time in the shower, paying extra attention to his appearance and probably wearing new perfume all of a sudden. These are signs he may be seeing some other woman.

2. His sleeping pattern has altered

If he is cheating on you, he will have to give time to the other girl as well. So you will find a stark difference in his sleeping pattern. He may be sleeping during the day or staying up till late at night, texting his new affair.

3. He is away for longer than usual

If he is having an affair, he will not be around for longer than usual. Since he will have to give time to the other woman as well, he will have to come up with more and more excuses to stay away from home. He will have more business trips and more plans of work related travel than usual and will be away for longer hours barely having time to meet up or hang out with you.

4. He uses his cell phone too often

Note if there are any changes in the usage of his cell phone. He will be very careful in handling his cell phone now that he is cheating on you. He will be frequently sending and receiving messages. He may also be receiving more than usual calls which he would ensure to receive outside your earshot. Also, try asking for his cell phone and note if he becomes nervous or tries to change the subject so as to avoid handing over his phone to you.

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