6 Worst Movie Stereotypes of Women

6 Worst Movie Stereotypes of Women

Stereotyping women is so common. Women in every field of life and work are stereotyped and the movie industry is no different. There are some that make want to laugh aloud while there are many that make you cringe. Sometime they anger you so much that you wouldn’t want to watch a certain movie.

1. The pretty dumb Blonde

The more blonde you are, the dumber you are. Although it is not a stereotype that is only shown on movies, the movies exaggerate this to really annoying levels. The blonde is also always very pretty and curvaceous and gets her way with men by just showing off her assets and batting her eyelids.

2. Shopping addicts

Again a stereotype that is everywhere but more so in movies. Women are addicted to shopping and can shop up a storm in mere minutes and always wipe out the cash or the credit cards of the men they are with. They are mostly shown to be shopping with the guy’s money.

3. Weak damsels in distress

Who the alpha male has to save and ends up saving in most of the movies. They always get themselves into trouble and the man comes and saves them. In reality however, women are much more stronger than they are portrayed to be.

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