6 Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

6 Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Wedding Anniversaries are special and should be celebrated in a special way. Party should be planned in such a way that’ll bring back the memories of wedding day. Here are some great ideas for anniversary party whether it is the 1st one or the 50th.

1. Repeat The Marital Vows

Repeating the marital vows is the perfect idea for wedding anniversary celebration. Couple can dress up in their wedding attire and repeat the ceremony. This will bring back the fond memories of their D day.

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2. Beach Party

Select a beautiful beach as the venue. Everyone can dress up in their beachwear, play volleyball, sun bathe, drink coolers and have fun. A beach side restaurant will be an added advantage where the guests can feast on great meal.

3. Cruise Party

Another great way of celebrating the wedding anniversary is by hiring a big boat or cruise a small yacht. Make sure that all the guests arrive before the boat leaves the shore. You can also arrange for a DJ. With music playing guests will have great fun dancing in the middle of water.

4. Share Memories

A video of the couple’s photographs can be made and projected in the anniversary party. It’s great to share fond memories on a special day like this. You can also prepare a video in advance in which couple is talking about each other and their friends can also be interviewed.

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