6 Tips on What to Do When Your Boyfriend Hates Your Best Friend

6 Tips on What to Do When Your Boyfriend Hates Your Best Friend

Your boyfriend hates your best friend! But, have you ever asked him the reason. There is no particular reason why he hates your best friend. If he does, then get to solve the issue your way. Listed below are tips for mending the differences between your best friend and boyfriend.

1. Ask him the reason

Confront him about this issue and ask him the real reason behind it. If he has a genuine reason, then do not force him to like her. If it seems like a misunderstanding to you, then find a possible solution to solve it. Once you are aware of the reason, it would be easier for you.

2. Share your feelings

Share your feelings with him to make him understand. Tell him that you really love your best friend and she is your true support. Once you give him an account of your feelings, he will definitely understand. He may even get ready to bridge the gap. It is important to be honest and true in your approach.

3. Give him time

Time is the best solution to all the problems. If you have shared your feelings with him, give him some time to reflect on the situation. He would certainly understand your predicament. He may even forget everything and behave normally.

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