5 Ways to Inculcate the Habit of Reading in Your Child

Ways to Inculcate the Habit of Reading in Your Child

Reading is one of the best habits you can inculcate in your children. It not only increases knowledge but also improves language and the brain’s analytical capacity. Reading, however, must start at an early age for it to become a lifelong habit. It has been observed that kids, who start reading when they are young, develop stronger minds. Parents have to ensure that children are introduced to books according to their age and interest levels. Some parents seem clueless when it comes to inculcating the habit of reading in their children. Listed here are 5 ways that can help your kids develop an interest towards reading.

1. Make reading fun

Sometimes parents, in order to cut down the play time and TV time of their kids, end up making reading a compulsion. This is viewed as a punishment by children and they get put off by the idea of books. To make them choose books naturally, introduce them as a reward or make it more interesting by reading it out to the kids. For instance, ensure that you make them read a book on swimming before going for a swimming competition. They will feel the connect.

2. Read often to your kids

When you introduce your child to the world of books, make sure you read it out for them. Make it interesting by infusing enthusiasm in your reading. From comic books to pamphlets, read anything, but ensure the way you read must make them enjoy, so that they feel reading as an interesting activity.

3. Keep the books within reach

Stacked books in one corner of the house can never help your kids to take an interest in books. They will think it as just another showpiece that adorns your shelf. Keep books at a place where they can be easily accessible and can be picked up proactively by your child. Once the books are within reach, chances are high that your kid will be enticed to pick up one and start reading.

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