6 Signs You Might Get Laid Off

6 Signs You Might Get Laid Off

Expected or unexpected, you need to be prepared to get laid off and identify the signs that there is a chance it is going to happen. Here are 6 signs to know that you might get laid off.

1. The project is not suitable for you

If you are given some special and separate project which is not related to your regular job activity, it is a sign that you might get laid off. When you are asked to work on other small projects leaving aside your regular job it means that they are considering removing you from your post and are going to give you another post or fire you.

2. You are asked to handover or share your responsibilities

When your company employers start asking for all the project details you are working on, the client and contact lists that you handle and the various other important details and information that you maintain, it means they are planning to take up your duties and handle them or they are giving it to someone else. It’s a warning you are going to get laid off.

3. Your company is going through a financial crisis

If your company is going through a rough financial phase and is finding it very difficult to manage all the employees and staff members, be prepared that there is a chance you may get laid off. It often happens that if the company is struggling financially they may fire few of the employees till the company gets back to a better position.

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