First Date Etiquette For Women

First Date Etiquette That You Must Follow For Sure Success

Dating isn’t just about looking good or knowing his pros and cons. You must also make the right moves to make your date feel good about himself. It should be important for you to know that there are some basic rules that you must follow while on your first date. More than rules they are just simple etiquettes that you should take care of on your first date. If you’re confused on what etiquette you must follow on your first date, then read on to know more.

1. Call and confirm

This is what you need to do before going out on your first date. If he asks you out at school or just calls you during the day, then tell him thanks for asking you. Then say, you need a little time to mull over the idea. Whenever you are sure, then call him and tell him that you will go out with him.

2. Eye contact is important

Whenever you are out on a date, eye contact is essential. If you keep looking away constantly, then it can send the wrong signal to your date. Or it can also be that you are not interested in his talk and so you unconsciously look away. This will hurt him for sure. But the idea is to let the eye contact be done in an appropriate manner which means don’t stare!

3. Be generous in complimenting

If you find his dressing style good, then tell him that. Also, if you love the food at a restaurant that he picked out, then you should compliment him for choosing a good restaurant. Similarly, you should not shy away from complimenting him about anything you find worthy about him. It will ease out his nerves too.

4. Laugh when appropriate

If you’re having a good time with him, let him know that. This can be done by laughing at his jokes because you know he’s going to crack some jokes just to see you smile. That’s what you should do. But again, don’t overdo it if not necessary as this will lead you to making a fool of yourself.

5. Never be late

Now this applies to all dates, not just your first one. You should never be late for your date as this speaks volumes about your personality. He can easily deduce that you’re not a punctual person and some guys may not like this. Also, being on time shows simple courtesy and respect for the other person and his time. You can always leave a bit early from your place to reach wherever your date has called.

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