13 Ways to be Romantic Without Being Cheesy

13 Ways to be Romantic Without Being Cheesy

Love relationships are beautiful! Romance is something that keeps a relationship young. When a woman is in love, she sometimes finds cheesy things romantic. But this doesn’t continue for a long time. As the relationship grows, cheesy gestures and sentences seem awkward. In such a case, your partner can feel disinterested in what you are saying. He also might pull himself away from you in order to avoid cheesy things. If you feel that you are in a similar situation then check out the following ideas. These ideas will help you stay romantic without saying or doing anything cheesy.

1. Understand the essence of romance

It is important to understand the changed meaning of romance when the initial phase of your relationship has passed. Being romantic is always about expressing your love to your partner. So, let your partner know that you still love him but do this in a more decent way. Being romantic is all about creating memories.

2. Work on the details

Love is all about doing little things for your partner. So, be selfless if you want to be romantic or want to express love to your partner. Try and go out of the way for doing something special for your better half. Do little things that can bring a smile on his face. It is important to do unexpected things sometimes. For example, if your guy is getting late for work then you can iron his clothes and get them ready for him.

3. Pay attention to everything he says

Attention and time are two very important things. You must give these two things to your partner if you want to keep your relationship young. So, pay attention to him when you guys are out with a group of friends or whenever he is speaking something to you. Give him the first preference and hang up on your friend’s call when he gets back home. Your partner should be the center of the world for you.

4. Talk a lot about your feelings

Everyone says that it is important to talk to each other when you are in a relationship. We all hear this but seldom do it. How often do you come home on a working day, sit with your partner and talk to him about his day? The answer of most of you will surely be, “Not often.” So, spend a lazy Sunday with your loved one. Cuddle him and talk to him about some great memories you created together. Talk about each other’s dreams, likes and dislikes.

5. Compete with each other

Have friendly fights and don’t forget to respect each other while doing that. Play some nice games and indulge in pillow fights. Make sure you don’t act like a sore loser. There are no losers in love.

6. Take a break from each other

Staying with each other for several years altogether can make you feel bored. So, take a break from each other and add some spice to your relationship. If you and your partner work and have busy lives then go to your mother’s place for a few days. This will give you some time to miss each other even more.

7. Take a break from work and go away from all the stress

Once you are back from your mother’s place, pack your bags and go on a vacation with your partner. You guys have already missed each other during the break and that’s why you will have more fun on a trip. If you don’t have much time then go for a simple night out, that will do just fine. Isolate yourselves from the world and this will help you realize how much you both love each other.

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