4 Ways to Help Your Boyfriend Feel more Secure

Ways to Help Your Boyfriend Feel more Secure

People get into relationships because they want to be with someone, because they want to feel loved, because they want a companion and most of all people who get into relationships want to feel secure about themselves and about their relationship. You can love your boyfriend a lot but also do things that make him feel insecure in the relationship. He may feel insecure because you are getting a lot of attention from the opposite sex, it could be because you earn a lot more than he does, it could be because you are a high achiever. It could be anything. Remember that your boyfriend would also crave for the same things that you want out of the relationship. You cannot blame him for anything if you are not giving him enough attention and love. For a relationship to be a successful one, there needs to be love, trust and respect. He also needs to be sure that you are his. Here are some ways to help your boyfriend to feel more secure.

1. Do not do things that would make him feel insecure

Your boyfriend will never tell you that he is feeling insecure in the relationship. It is up to you to look for the signs and understand when and about what he is insecure. Some of the signs when he is insecure include talking loudly in front of your friends, boasting when it is not needed or becoming a recluse and refusing to go out with you when you are meeting family or friends. He will also pick up a fight for no reason when he feels insecure in the relationship. Find out what you are doing that makes him insecure and try and not do it.

2. Make sure he knows that you love him unconditionally

Never put him down in front of other people and do not make crude jokes about his manhood. Most times, a man equates his self-worth to his manhood and when you joke about it, he feels very insecure. Send him love notes, flowers or call him now and then just to say ‘I love you’. When you go out, have your eyes on him and him alone. That would make him feel very secure. He might complain once in a while about you being clingy, but he would just relish all the attention.

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