5 Signs You are Heading for a Split

5 Signs You are Heading for a Split

For many people, a split comes as a complete surprise. It is impossible for a couple to wake up one day and decide that they are going to split. A split does not happen on a single day but happens as a buildup of many factors or a consequence of things left undone or things unsaid. If your relationship is heading towards a split, there will be many signs that let you know that a split is imminent. You either have to be completely blind to it or too dumb if you can miss some of the signs that let you know that you are headed towards splits Ville. Some though cannot be interpreted well enough and may wonder if they are worth the split. Here are some signs that should let you know that you are headed for a split.

1. You do not talk anymore

It is not that you stop talking with each other completely, but if you are talking it would be just out of common courtesy or to ask the basic questions about each other. You would ‘talk’ very less and there would be a point when you realize that you actually get to know very less about the person who you are in a relationship with. When the conversations run dry, you should know that the relationship is in trouble.

2. You fight a lot

Every time you speak to each other, it ends up in a fight or sometimes you talk only to pick up a fight. Everything the other does seems to be the most irritating thing and you begin to find fault with each other for the silliest of reasons. When all the talking that you do is squabbling or just fighting, it is a sure sign that you are heading towards a split.

3. You do not discuss the future anymore

You may talk with each other and still stay together but you won’t be discussing a future together anymore. You would either be scared to discuss it or ignore it completely. When a couple stops discussing their future together, one or both of them have lost the interest in staying together.

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