7 Ways to Give Your Child More Independence

7 Ways to Give Your Child More Independence

Every parent has a different vision of bringing their children up. If you want to rear your children in a way that they become more independent, here are a few things you should do.

1. Stop supervising all their actions

One of the reasons why many parents remain excessively attached to their kids physically and emotionally is because they think that it is their moral responsibility to oversee each and every thing that their kids do. This will never make your children independent because they will always assume that you will be there as backup. Stop managing your kids at every step and let them know that they have to be responsible for their own actions.

2. Don’t say the same thing twice

If you keep telling your children the same things again and again, they will start taking you for granted. To create an impact and make your kids understand that they have to listen to you at one go, stop repeating everything you say. This way you will not have to follow them around all day hoping that they will listen to you.

3. Stop following up with your children

You can give your kids more independence by giving them more responsibility. While it is good to follow up with what is happening in your kids’ lives on a daily basis, there are some things that you should gradually let go of. For example, if you want to give your kids more independence in the way they do their homework, stop asking them if they have completed their homework in time or not. Once they know that their homework is solely on their shoulders, they will take responsibility for it and become independent.

4. Don’t show empathy when it is not required

Making your children independent largely involves making your children tough. And how tough your children become will depend on how much empathy and pity you show them. Don’t sympathize and show your softer side to your children all the time. You will keep your children dependent on you for emotional support if you don’t make them realize that they cannot come to you to seek pity and help every time they get into trouble.

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