6 Nice Tips to Wear Matte Lipstick In Winter


Winter fashion is exciting. Although you cannot show too much skin, it is the season where you can flaunt sexy boots, high heeled leather boots, coats, overcoats, different kinds of sweaters, cashmere blends and hats. There is so much to explore in winter season. But when it comes to your skin, winter brings dryness and you need to keep the moisture. Even though you like wearing matte lipstick, the season does not permit you to. But here are 6 simple techniques whereby you can wear matte lipstick in the winter.

1. Let go of bright colors

Winter colors have to be soft and soothing, they cannot repel from the white snowy background. So you need to let go of those bright hues and bring in wine red or coffee brown. In matte, you can find semi-matte lipsticks in these shades which help retain moisture and goes perfectly with the season.

2. Exfoliate your lips

If you apply matte lipstick on your dry lips, it might just end up looking cracked and ugly, showing the winter scars. You can use a bit of olive oil and gently apply on your lips; this will remove dead skin and you can use the matte lipstick without any fear.

3. Use a lip balm

Use a lovely flavored lip balm as a base. It should preferably be colorless so that you can apply a coat of your matte lipstick on it. You can apply the balm in less quantity in order to just moisturize it.

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