How to Look Pretty In Pictures?

How to Look Pretty In Pictures?

Pictures are special. Whether captured for a special occasion or casually, pictures hold a special place in everyone’s heart, more so as time passes. Everyone wants to look good in pictures, be it a group or an individual one, as they form a collection of memories. People are often self-conscious, self-critical and shy away from posing for pictures. Understandable, considering the embarrassment an ugly picture causes. With an intent to reduce your dilemma, here’s a list of handy tips to help you look pretty in pictures.

1. Feel confident

The importance of having a clear face – devoid of blemishes, dark circles, unclean eyebrows and scars – in order to look pretty in pictures, is a well-known fact. If you suffer from any of the mentioned skin problems, use good quality makeup to conceal the flaws. Apply natural makeup to give a refreshing look in the picture. Never apply dark make up if you have problematic skin, it tends to give a tacky appearance in the picture. Choose a good hairstyle which suits your face.

2. Wear vibrant and pleasant colors

Choose vibrant, pleasant and solid colors which suit your skin tone. Wear good outfits that fit you well. A well fitting outfit accentuates the plus points of your body, thus making you look pretty.

3. Choose a good spot

Always choose a spot with a good background and adequate lighting. A spot with low or very bright lighting, does not favor a good click. Ensure the same while clicking pictures indoors. Also, stand facing the light source and not the opposite way, so as not to appear shadowy in the picture.

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