10 Ways to Know If He is the Right Guy for You

 Ways to Know If He is the Right Guy for You

Searching for a perfect guy, impossible. But, searching for the right guy, very much possible, be it a live-in relationship or marriage. Whatever is on your mind, make sure that the guy is right. Here are some great ways to know that.

1. He brings out the best in you

You feel like becoming a better person for him. He makes you want to be healthy. He helps you get over all your bad habits and stresses. You want to learn something new just for him. He never judges you instead goads you on and on in all your endeavors.

2. He listens to you

A guy who remembers to pick up your favorite take away while on his way to your place is genuinely the guy for you. A guy who knows exactly how you like your coffee is the right guy for you. And a guy who stays away from what you dislike, without qualms, is the right guy for you.

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3. He loves you for who you are

True love transcends sexual pleasure and material happiness. Superficial beauty has no place here. If the guy you like, adores you for your inner beauty, he is for keeps. If he doesn’t care a damn about your looks, your figure, your hair or even your job, then bingo! You’ve found your Mr. Right.

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4. He does everything to make it up to you

The greatest compromise that a guy can make for you is to keep his ego aside and admit his mistake. If your guy has apologized for his mistakes and seen to it that he never repeats them, then he is absolutely right for you. This shows that he clearly values the relationship more than his own pride.

5. He introduces you to his parents

Surprised that your guy is taking you to meet his family? He deeply cares about you and sincerely wants you to be a permanent part of his life. Be happy lady, he’s making it official!

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