15 Tips To Help Others In Small Ways

15 Tips To Help Others In Small Ways

The world is a beautiful place that is losing its warmth due to the inhuman ways in which we human beings have started behaving. As we are getting more and more engrossed in our individual lives, we are forgetting the value which our ancestors taught us long back- the value of humanity. We are forgetting to acknowledge the fact that we, as humans, have lived in groups since the primitive times and have grown as a race due to our collective efforts. But, lately we have begun to forget to even acknowledge the fact that there are other human beings living on this planet. We have become so self-centered that we are unable to see others’ woes. Do these things prick you from within? Then, you are surely one of those blessed souls, still residing on earth, who have the power to touch others’ lives and make this planet a beautiful place. Enlisted below are 15 tips to help others in small ways.

1. Smile

A smile is one of the best ways to touch someone’s heart. For this, all you need to do is just stretch your beautiful lips a little and pass on the cheer. Don’t forget the basic mantra. This act has to be random, not focusing on a selected few. Start by smiling at your office’s janitor, you’d make his day; trust us. As time passes, you’ll realize how much better you feel thanks to a simple smile.

2. Encourage

Encourage people around you to take up something they are scared of. Help them by all means to do so. For example, if your husband’s mom feels nervous when it comes to marking an email, sit with her and encourage her to do the same. Your words of encouragement will surely boost her morale and she might accomplish the task which she thinks is impossible. Once she becomes a pro at it, she will give all the credits to you.

3. Appreciate

Appreciating someone is same as encouragement. When you appreciate someone, you are showing them that you have great interest in their life and their effort and success means a lot to you. It also improves their performance. This quality especially helps in workplaces.

4. Volunteer

Call up your nearest charity organization and ask them if they need volunteers. You could partake in simple things like a blood donation camp where the only job you do is provide some snacks to the participants or do small work. If you can’t get access to any voluntary organization, you can get on the roads yourself and volunteer for the cause of humanity.

5. Help

Does this one need any explanation? Simply go out of your way and help people who are in need. Say, if your neighbor isn’t keeping well and wants to send her toddler to her daycare center, you may drop that little one, while your neighbor takes rest.

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