6 Ways to Dump Someone Nicely

6 Ways to Dump Someone Nicely

The word ‘dump’ sounds rude and hurtful. Do not make the situation rude, if you are planning to dump your boyfriend. Be kind and courteous in your approach. This is not so difficult, read the ways below and know for yourself.

1. Wait for the right moment

It is important to wait for the right moment to tell your boyfriend that you want to break up with him. If you see him in a bad mood, do not tell him anything. This will hurt him more. If he seems in a cheerful mood, tell him the truth. It will hurt him for sure, but he will be able to understand your state better. Needless to say, don’t dump him on his birthday!

2. Choose a private place

Call him at a place which is isolated. Tell him that things cannot really work out in future. Do not dump him in front of your friends or other people. If you do this, it will hurt him immensely. Tell him about your feelings at a place where there is no one. It will be tough for him to accept the truth, but eventually he will move on.

3. Do it with email

Don’t make your feelings public by posting it on his Facebook wall. He will not be able to take this behavior. If you want to dump him, then the best way is to email him. Write a private email and state the reasons as why you can’t be with him anymore. Also, write an apology to wish him good luck in life. Mail him on his personal email address. This is the best way to do it.

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