7 Ways to be More Charismatic

7 Ways to be More Charismatic

Who does not want to be liked? Who does not want to be popular? Who does not want to have a magnetic personality? Well, though all of us want all this, most of us lack the charisma that is required to be such a person. We give you ways to be more charismatic.

1. Have a genuine smile

It all starts with a warm smile. This is not to mean that you smile for no rhyme or reason. It is more about being approachable. If you always have a stern look on your face, then people will think twice before talking to you. Having a genuine smile on your face when you greet someone or meet someone for the first time makes it easy for the other person to interact with you. It is an indication that you are an easy-going person and do not mind letting someone in.

2. Have humility

It is a very important trait of those who are charismatic. If you have arrogance and are full of yourself then you will not earn respect. If people always find you speaking ill of others or looking down upon people who are less fortunate than you, then you will not be considered a very likable person. Being humble is a quality that you must cultivate in order to earn love and admiration.

3. Be helpful

If you are kind and make efforts to make a difference to someone’s life, then more people will feel attracted towards you. Your goodness and the urge to help others will add to your charisma. Never miss an opportunity to be of use to someone.

4. Be empathetic

If you are sensitive towards people’s feelings then it will definitely make people like you. Your compassion and the ability to feel for someone will do wonders for your overall personality. You cannot always teach someone to be empathetic but this ability to put yourself in someone shoes is crucial if you want to become charismatic.

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