6 Tips for Flirting Over Text With Guys

6 Tips for Flirting Over Text With Guys

Talking and flirting with boys is a common thing for today’s young generation. In fact most of you teen girls out there are constantly staring at your mobile phone screens 24 x 7. Like every other thing, texting also has certain tricks and rules. Say the right thing and you can fix yourself a handsome date, or the wrong thing may even blow away the causal banter. Here are few tips to flirt effectively with guys over text messaging.

1. The sassy forwards

Sending playful messages is a good thing. It’s a good way to strike a conversation, but don’t get carried away as too many of these cheesy forwards might make him feel that it’s just fun you are interested in. Frequent innuendos might push him away.

2. Get the humor in

Playing the light hearted girl might win you a good friendship, but will never lead to anything romantic. Use quirky humor in your texts. This will help you set up dates and then you take it a level ahead from there on.

3. Never reply too soon

Texting can be fun but make sure you are not predictable. If you are having a good chat going on with a guy then always take your time to reply to his messages. This will keep him impatient and waiting for your answers. Immediate replies might tell him that you are too eager and can’t stay without talking to him.

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