9 Super Halloween Party Ideas

9 Super Halloween Party Ideas

October 31 is just round the corner bringing with it one of the most sought after events on the calendar – Halloween. It is the time for trick and treat, bonfires, carving jack-o’-lanterns and everything scary but one thing that defines Halloween is the costume party and it is high time you started planning if you really want yours to be the spookiest and unworldly of all. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. The invite

Every party starts with an invitation and you should make sure your invitation stands out to ensure that everyone flocks to your party. In case you want to go with the usual way and send email invitations, make sure to use the creepiest fonts available in blood red color and try to sound scary rather than cordial. But if you like to think out of the box, leave the invites with mock knives through them at the intended guests’ doorstep and scare them out even before the party starts.

2. The theme

Halloween is synonymous with spooky and anything other than a ghostly theme seems unnatural. But you are the host after all and the choice is finally yours. So choose the most intimidating and creepiest theme for your party. But if the party is for kids, you can also go for an anime theme. Just do some brainstorming and you will definitely have a Eureka moment.

3. The location

Spruce up the surroundings to match the Halloween spirit. You can create a fake graveyard in the front porch of your house or in case there is an empty strip of land nearby and money is not an issue, you can create a small replica of a Gothic castle with spooky guards and all. You can also give your house a haunted makeover to ensure that your guests get an idea of what lies ahead for them.

4. The decorations

This is one thing where there is no limit to the choices at your disposal. You can create fake spider webs on the walls (lucky for you in case they are already there), bloody curtains on the doors, windows and shower; ghoulish posters and writings on the walls; and Jack-o’-lanterns, bats and skulls all around. Let your diabolic imagination run free and create the most ghoulish ambiance possible.

5. The costumes

A whole lot of costumes are available for sale all around for various age groups but you can also let your creative juices flow and design your own Halloween haute couture. Besides, you also have the option of settling for the tried and tested costumes featuring goblins and skeletons or you can move with the times and wear costumes straight from the latest Hollywood flicks or featuring some other hot event or celeb.

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