7 Ways to Keep Your Lips Smooth In Winter

7 Ways to Keep Your Lips Smooth In Winter

Winter is probably the worst time for your skin and lips usually face the brunt of winter the most. The skin on the lips is the most sensitive and hence is the first and worst to get dry and chapped. While staying away from winter is not possible, you can prevent the skin on your lips from getting chapped. Keep your lips smooth and soft by following these effective tips.

1. Watch your habits

Many women cannot resist their temptation of licking their lips to moisten them. Similarly, never bite off dead skin from lips. Habitually indulging in such acts becomes the worst enemy for such a delicate part of your body. If you use lipstick, ensure you remove it properly every night before retiring to bed. Avoiding lipstick occassionally helps the skin on thelips to breathe.

2. Stay hydrated

Winter is a friend of dry air and dry air is a culprit for both internal and external dehydration. Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water is not only important in summers but also in winters. Drink lots of water to keep not just your lips but also your body healthy and hydrated.

3. Use sun protection

Harmful rays from the sun cause damage to your lips. These rays affect your lips even during winter, hence use sun protection for your lips during winter.

4. Use a good lip balm

A lip balm keeps your lips from getting dry and nourishes the skin by replenishing moisture. It protects further damage and hence is recommended to be carried all the time. Use eye cream as an alternative if you run out of lip balm.

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