Ideal Places for An Unforgettable Honeymoon

So, now that your wedding plans are ready and you are ready to take the vow, you must take a plunge into this list of idyllic honeymoon destinations. To choose your honeymoon destination, simply take a look.

1. Paris


Photo Courtesy: wlappe

If the talk is about love and romance, Paris has to have the first place. Considered as the most romantic destination for lovers, the Eiffel tower is a perfect place to visit with your husband. What’s more, when you reach the top of the tower and see the whole city come under your feet, you will realize that love has the strength to overpower everything in life. Apart from that, there are other fascinating places in Paris which makes it ideal for a getaway. If you are a woman of fashion, you’ll love to tread the streets of Paris. You can even buy some haute couture for yourself!

2. Venice


Photo Courtesy: Chiara Marra

If France has a place in this list, then Italy has to make its presence felt. Right now, it is the romantic city of Venice that is representing this beautiful country. As soon as you enter this fascinating haven of beautiful canals, riversides, stately buildings and archaic architectural marvels, you will be smitten by it. You won’t realize how time slips away when you sit in a canal-side restaurant and have a pizza with your darling. How about a glass of red wine to complement your mood?

3. Bahamas


Photo Courtesy: bryce_edwards

If you are looking out for coral reefs, stunning beaches and a colorful culture, then you must visit the Bahamas. This quaint region is full of beautiful islands that serve as the perfect setting for your honeymoon. The clear waters of the sea, the heat of the sun and the warm atmosphere around will add more warmth to your blissful relationship.

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