10 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Newlyweds

10 Valentine's Day Ideas for Newlyweds

You must be so excited that now you are finally married. Right now, you must be going through the amazing honeymoon stage of your wedded life. It is one of the most exciting phase you will ever go through. Hence, make the most out of it. With Valentines day approaching, here are 10 Valentines day ideas for newlyweds that you could use:

1. Honeymoon

If you haven’t gone for a honeymoon yet, here’s your chance. Wave goodbye to your friends, family and even your boss. Spend some priceless moments with your spouse at a place far away from home. If you have already gone for your honeymoon, whoever said you are not allowed to go again?

2. Dinner At Home

Cook dinner together. You can try out a recipe that both of you have never tried before. Make sure you cover the starters, the main course as well as the desserts. Next, turn your home into totally different place. Use dim lights, music, a decorated table and lots of roses, preferably red ones. You can end your day with a nice cozy dinner with your sweetheart.


Instead of staying at home and doing the usual, if you are more on the adventurous side, this one is for you. Get your tent set up in the woods. You can also have a bonfire put up. It will be amazing for newlyweds, to feel close to nature just as close you are to each other.

4. Broadway Musical Concert

Go for a romantic Broadway musical with your spouse. There is something about these musicals that takes you to a completely different world. Musicals like Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast, My Fair Lady, West Side Story and Aida are names of some romantic Broadway musicals you must watch with your sweetheart on Valentines day.

5. Spa

In case you are too tired or lazy to go anywhere and just want to relax with your better half, what can possibly be a better option. Spend the day at your favorite spa and get yourselves pampered. Choose a couple’s package. You can opt for something like a couple massage. It will be very relaxing for both of you.

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