5 Gift Ideas for Aquarius Men

5 Gift Ideas for Aquarius Men

Aquarius men are innovative, quick thinkers and open minded. When you are getting a gift for an Aquarius man you will have to keep these characteristic traits in mind. When you pick a gift that is in tune with these characteristics, you can never go wrong with a gift. Give him a gift that would help pick his brain and gift him something that is totally out of the box. You can also give him anything you want as he is pretty open minded and will not be easily scandalized. Here are some gift ideas for Aquarius men.

1. Gadgets

Get him a gadget that is the latest in the market because chances are that he would have tried the earlier ones. He would also experiment with new technology a lot so get him a device that he can club with something that he already has. Gadgets make him a small boy again and brings put the experimental scientist in him.

2. Books

The mind of an Aquarius man is like a sponge. He is always keen to soak up as much as he can. Get him books that make him think or get him a subscription to an online library so he can access as many books as possible. He would love it if you are into books to as the two of you can spend long hours discussing a book and other thing that you find interesting.

3. Science conventions and tech fairs

Surprise him by driving him to a tech fair or accompanying him to one. He will be like a kid in a candy shop. Don’t worry about being left out, which is bound to happen. Just remember that the gift is to make him happy and not you. Also do not be put off if he starts acting all geeky.

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