7 Treatment For Ebola Virus

7 Treatment For Ebola Virus

Ebola virus is a deadly virus that has claimed many lives. The spread of the virus can cause through air. There are no specific medicines to treat the virus yet. But, isolation and natural treatments may work in some cases. Listed are some treatments for Ebola virus, read on to know more.

1. Hydration

The best way to keep the body hydrated is to drink fluids throughout the day. The person suffering from the virus mostly suffers from the problem of dehydration. So, providing fluids to the body will help to keep the body hydrated. It is best to drink water and natural juices for keeping the body hydrated if the person is suffering from the Ebola virus fever.

2. Maintain blood pressure

It is very important to maintain the right blood pressure level of a person suffering from Ebola. If the blood pressure fluctuates, then it can cause the problem in the body. High blood pressure level can harm the organs and even cause internal bleeding at times. So, it is a must to maintain the normal blood pressure level.

3. Provide oxygen

Ebola virus fever can also cause loss of oxygen in the body as a result of which, the person suffering from the virus feels breathless. In this case, it is must to provide oxygen to the body. An oxygen mask can work well if the person suffers from breathing problems or has a difficulty to breathe. This may help to an extent.

4. Replace lost blood

If there is an internal bleeding in extreme cases, then it is important to replace the lost blood cells. Failing to do so can also result in permanent damage to the organ. Due to this a person may even die. Blood transfusion or replacing lost blood cannot improve the condition as such but can provide stability for sure.

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