5 Beauty Benefits of Grapefruit

5 Beauty Benefits of Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a kind of citrus fruit that has many health benefits to offer. It helps in dealing with cholesterol problems, reduces the risk of Cancer, improves vision and does a lot more. You’ll be surprised to know that the many minerals and vitamins present in grapefruit also help in enhancing your beauty. The fruit actually helps to improve the condition of your skin and hair, and is a good ingredient to depend on for all your homemade face packs. Here are some amazing beauty benefits of grapefruit.

1. It prevents aging

Potassium in grapefruit helps to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles, thereby helping in achieving younger looking skin. It also provides protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun, thus making sure that the damage from the sun is reduced.

2. It boosts collagen formation

For our skin to look younger, firmer and beautiful, it is vital that the collagen formation is healthy and that the skin’s natural elasticity is maintained well. Grapefruit helps a lot in this, thanks to the high amount of Vitamin A and C that it contains, which boosts collagen formation. The easiest way to enjoy this benefit is to apply freshly squeezed out grapefruit pulp on your face as a mask, and then washing it off after it dries naturally.

3. It fights dandruff

Grapefruit seed extracts can be used to apply generously on the hair and scalp, in order to reduce dandruff and clean up the clogged follicles, thereby promoting healthy hair growth. Grapefruit hair masks and conditioners are also available in the market these days for those who cannot find the time to do this at home manually.

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