6 Reasons Why Women Love to Watch Scary Movies

6 Reasons Why Women Love to Watch Scary Movies

It’s a generalized opinion that men love to watch action and drama thriller while women prefer romantic, romantic comedies and scary movies. Although romance and scary are polar genres, women specifically love the thrill. There is no senseless violence or too much noise, but it plays more on drama, there is suspense, moments where there is tension, there are interesting characters and mythical figures. It’s exciting for their sensibility. Here are 6 reasons why women love to watch scary movies:

1. Need for an adventure

Women are made to feel inferior when they try their hands at adventure sports, or do something even borderline dangerous like go biking on the mountains. People around may even tease and associate certain sports with men. There is a need to vent this adrenalin rush and excitement by watching scary movies.

2. Perfect watch for a sleep over

Scary movies keep you on the edge of your seat. There are twists and turns, and there is no chance that you would fall asleep unless you are dead tired. Romantic comedies are not a great idea as it can get slow and a bit dragging for a night over.

3. Interests in ghosts, suspense and murder

Women love things that are unreal and out of the realm of possibility. It allows them to extend their imagination as their creative instincts tend to be very strong. This leads to interest in the supernatural, the mystery and ghosts.

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