Top 5 Reasons Why Extra Marital Affairs Are Bad

Top 5 Reasons Why Extra Marital Affairs Are Bad

Infidelity is one of the many reasons why couples get divorced these days. Marriage is not an easy affair and it involves a lot of commitment, love, patience and dedication to stay true to one person for many years. Either because of boredom or squabbles, one might find themselves attracted to another person-attracted enough to carry on an affair. Although this will make you feel good for a few hours, days or months, an extra marital affair rarely has a happy ending. Even if you get what you wanted in the first place, an affair is more likely to leave a lot of broken hearts in its wake. Here are some top reasons as to why extra marital affairs are extremely bad.

1. They cause a lot of heartache not only for you but everyone involved

When you are married, your actions no longer affect only you but your partner too. If you have kids, you are putting them at risk of getting hurt too. When the affair comes out, you would be causing a lot of heartache for your family. Not to forget the guilt you have to deal with every single day after you have caused a lot of pain to your loved ones.

2. You will have to keep track of your lies

When you are having an extra marital affair, you will have to come up with a lot of lies to sneak out. After a while it would be just too taxing to keep up with all your lies. Just remembering what lies you had come up with and sticking to your story alone will make you a nervous wreck.

3. You will break the trust your partner has on you and in most cases this trust can never be got back

When you get into an extra marital affair and your partner finds out, it will be very difficult to earn the trust back. Your partner can forgive you but will find it very difficult to come into terms with the cheating and trust you again.

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