8 Health Benefits of Peanuts

8 Health Benefits of Peanuts

Peanuts though small in size, rate high on goodness and nutritional value! Peanuts are good in source of protein, they can fulfill the marginal protein requirement of the body. There are many other health benefits of peanuts you must know about. Read on to know more.

1. It helps to keep cholesterol level in check

Peanuts are high in mono unsaturated fatty acid which helps to lower the bad cholesterol level of the body. Peanuts can lower the bad cholesterol level of the body thus preventing the risk of heart and coronary ailments. Natural source of peanuts should be included in the daily diet plan.

2. It helps to prevent wrinkles

Not only body, peanuts are also good for the skin. As it is rich in vitamin E, it helps to reduce lines and wrinkles on the skin. Peanuts are also good in source of Riboflavin and vitamin B, which is again great to make the skin shine. Boiled form of peanuts protects the skin from free radicals.

3. It helps to reduce blood sugar level

Those suffering from the problem of diabetes can also have peanuts on a daily basis. As it is rich in source of manganese, it helps in calcium and fat absorption, thus regulating the normal blood sugar level. Peanuts are also rich in anti oxidants, which is again healthy for the body.

4. It helps to reduce depression

It would not be wrong to call peanut as a mood enhancer. Yes, you heard that right. As peanuts are rich in tryptophan, it helps to release a special chemical which reduces depression signs. It also helps to enhance the mood. The next time if you feel gloomy, just have some handful of peanuts for sure.

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