6 Reasons You must Try Out Google Glass

Reasons You must Try Out Google Glass

Google Glass is probably the next big step in technological revolution. The phase that comes after smartphones might as well be the Google Glass because of the sheer ingenuity of the device and the almost miraculous features which it provides. If you have a look at the various things you could do with this wearable technology, you will not only be amazed but would want to at least try it out for once, if not buy it immediately. Google Glass is essentially a wearable pair of glasses integrated with advanced technology from Google which brings the smartphone experience from your fingertips to your nose tip, literally! This non-touch device works mostly on voice commands, and is a landmark in science and technology in the world – probably just the penultimate footstep towards artificial intelligence. Listed here are the top 6 reasons you must try out Google Glass.

1. For its non-touch multimedia experience

Google Glass is but just a pair of glasses, but more than just a pair of glasses at the same time. It is a non-touch device; so forget typing, pressing buttons, touch screen and most paraphernalia that comes with the modern smartphones. Google Glass does away with most of the things that come with the smartphone experience, and makes the entire experience all the more simpler and enjoyable. You can take snapshots, pictures and share videos and photographs without ever having to touch the device. You can email your photographs or share them on social networking sites just at a voice command, and you can keep your hands busy in other things without worry!

2. For the ‘messaging without typing’ feature

Google Glass makes messaging a much more simplified experience. In order to send or receive a text message, you no longer have to pick up your device, unlike in the case of smartphones. You can view your messages whenever they arrive and can send replies through voice commands and by saying out your message and Google Glass will do the typing for you.

3. For the search box

If you need the help of Google, you no longer have to type in your query into the search box anymore. Google is now all the time at your disposal and just by asking a question, Google Glass will retrieve the information you require from the internet and display it in front of your eyes.

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