5 Reasons Why Girls Love Christian Bale

5 Reasons Why Girls Love Christian Bale

The man who is so famous and known for his impeccable acting skill, topped up with the charming looks, Christian Bale is truly a heartthrob. He has a huge fan following and a long going list of women who are crazy about him and love him. His onscreen and off-screen images both add up to the personality and charm which is what people love about him. Here are some reasons why girls love Christian Bale.

1. The mysterious appeal

Unlike the other celebrities whose lives are all over the social media and news, Christian Bale prefers keeping his personal life under wraps. Keeping his private life out of the media, not getting involved in controversies and not wanting any kind of publicity makes Christian Bale mysterious. This makes the women very curious, they get attracted to this mysterious appeal and they also start picturing his on screen character as real.

2. The intensity

It is quite evident and visible that Bale takes acting pretty seriously and does it with a lot of intensity. This intensity that he brings and he just gets under the skin of the character makes his characters so very attractive and intense. This passion of going to extremes to do justice to the roles is one of the reasons why women love him.

3. Christian Bale’s body

Who cannot fall in love with Christian Bale’s sizzling hot body? It is difficult to resist someone who looks like that. He has worked on his body and has always done justice to his characters even when it comes to his physical appearance.

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