Top 9 Obesity Myths

Top 9 Obesity Myths

A large number of people around the world are obese. Obesity doesn’t only bring along diabetes, blood pressure and heart related diseases, but it also brings along with it depression. Obese people go through inferiority complex. They are often too sad and they even feel suicidal. Some obesity myths make things even worse for the obese people. Here are some obesity myths you should never believe.

1. “People lose weight only when they are ready to do so”

This is one of the biggest myths related to obesity. Your wish or desire to lose weight will give you more will to work out. Just being ready to lose weight will not be able to help you lose pounds if you don’t move your body or control your diet. You have to perform well in the gym when you really want to lose weight and not when you are ready to do so. It is as simple as that!

2. “It is not good to lose weight quickly”

A lot of people think that losing weight quickly is not good because the lost weight is gained again very soon. This is a myth for sure! It is not imperative to lose weight slowly. In fact, it is likely that people who lose weight quickly would weigh less even after several years. What matters is losing weight and not the pace of losing weight.

3. “Regular changes in calorie intake can help you to weigh less for a longer period of time”

A lot of people think that small but regular changes in the calorie intake can help them maintain their weight for a longer period of time. The fact is, your body mass eventually changes if you follow a workout schedule religiously. Those small changes won’t make any difference.

4. “It is essential to set realistic goals when it comes to weight loss”

A lot of people think that setting realistic weight loss goals is imperative. They also think that if the goals are not met by the person who is trying to lose weight, she becomes frustrated and this results in lesser weight loss. This is definitely a myth because several obese people have set challenging goals and have lost more weight. Setting high aimed goals encourages you to lose more weight irrespective of how much weight is lost.

5. “Breastfeeding can protect a baby from future obesity”

Mother’s milk has a lot of benefits. It makes the baby strong and immune, but it can definitely not protect her from future obesity. What can protect you from obesity is a healthier diet and regular workout.

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