7 Signs You Need to Go for Couples Therapy

7 Signs You Need to Go for Couples Therapy

Relationships are easy to start but difficult to maintain. Many couples realize this after being together. Whether they are married or unmarried, they face issues which they may not be able to solve through mutual understanding. When a rough patch in your love life seems to be getting out of hand, it’s probably time to see a couple therapist or counselor. Here are signs that show you need help.

1. There are constant fights

You both have been bickering constantly for a while now. The length and frequency of fights seems to have increased considerably and you both get ticked off about small matters that could have been easily resolved. It’s time a third party views your situation.

2. Things seem to be going nowhere

Sometimes boredom of routine life sets in and although there are no high octane dramas or fights happening, you feel like the relationship is going nowhere. You are not sure whether you still love him or whether the relationship has run its course or still has some potential to grow. A relationship can only progress if the two people involved work on it ardently everyday and to make you realize this, a therapist may be needed.

3. You badmouth him all the time

It always seems like you have something negative to say about your man whether it is to his face or in the company of others. You find opportunities to crib about his behavior and the things he has said with total disregard for how this makes him feel. If you don’t know why you keep doing this or you can’t seem to stop yourself, couples therapy might help.

4. You often feel like having an affair

It’s normal for people in relationships to get attracted to other people but still remain faithful to their respective partners. However, when you start having serious thoughts of having an affair and taking a break from your love life, couples therapy could help. You will realize whether your desire for an affair is an outcome of boredom or the end of love in your relationship.

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  1. Yes, i think it’s time for couples to have a couple therapy if all these 7 signs are present in the relationship. I think couples need to work and talk it out in order to save the marriage. They need to cooperate and deal with the problem together.


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