5 Signs He Can’t Live Without You

5 Signs He Can't Live Without You

Do you sometimes sit and wonder if he can go on without you? Do you at times worry if it would affect him if you are not there anymore? Such insecurities are common in a relationship. Though there are signs that tell you he doesn’t care all that much, there exists signs that tell you he does. Here are those good ones- the signs that he cannot live without you:

1. He expresses his need for you

No innuendos intended! If he really wants you in his life, he will make sure he does something to express the same. It could be in any way, shape or form. Maybe he does this by taking you out to a romantic dinner now and then, maybe he does so by telling you that straight out. But he will express.

2. His best friends treat you like family

No exceptions. If a guy really cannot live without you, those close to him will know. How? Because he will tell them. If his best friends treat you like one of their own, rest assured that he wants you very much in his life.

3. He goes a little sad without you there

When you go out for a work retreat, or maybe to visit your parents, you can tell there is a slightest hint of gloom in his voice. He won’t sound particularly active, and would make subtle references about his wish that you come back soon.

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