Top 6 Tips For Young Moms To Spice Up A Marriage

Top 6 Tips For Young Moms To Spice Up A Marriage

There is not one mom out there who can’t relate to the loss of connection she has experienced with her husband once their baby is born. Not only your focus gets diverted from your husband to the baby, but the two of you also undergo fatigue and stress from all the new changes, which having a baby puts on a relationship. All this can cause serious loss of intimacy between you and your husband. However, your marriage does not have to be this way. Once you get back from the effects of labor and sleep deprivation, you can do something to put back the missing spice in your marriage. It’s a great struggle to juggle the two, but it’s essential to balance both. It’s obvious that your focus will be more on your little one, but at the same time, your husband should not be ignored. Keep the fun in your marriage alive, and both of you should enjoy the time together. Follow these simple tips given below and rediscover the fun in your relationship!!

1. Start dating again

Make time at least once a week for you and your husband to connect outside of the home, just you and him. Go for dinner together, have a drink, go for a picnic. It can be short and sweet. If you want to take your baby along, do that when the baby is asleep. Be sure to talk things besides your baby. This simple ritual can do wonders in your marriage. Make each moment a memorable one. Another option can be staying at home and forgetting every thing to be just in each others arms and sipping your favorite drink backed by some really good music.

2. Don sexy nightwear

Wear cute night wear, perhaps the ones you wore before you were a mom. If those don’t fit you anymore, or if you don’t have any, go and buy at least one. They don’t have to be Victoria’s Secret, they just have to be cute and feminine. It’s hard to act, or even feel like a sexy siren, if you are dressed in sweats or flannel. Try this trick while you retire to bed after a quick shower.

3. Send flirty messages

Send hot messages to your husband on his cell phone or send it through bbm. You may especially do this when your husband is out on a business trip. While your baby is sleeping, take a moment and send your husband a quick little “I want you” note. It should create a desire for him to be with you. This shows, you still have time for him, and it also helps him know that you think about him.

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