Top 8 Symptoms Of Exhaustion

8 Top Symptoms Of Exhaustion

Exhaustion – we are not talking about the feeling after a strenuous 30 minute workout in the gym. Many of us suffer from excessive exhaustion or fatigue. Both the body and mind seem to be overworked, all the time. Do you feel a loss of energy or weakness all the time? Here are some of the most common symptoms of exhaustion.

1. Tired for no reason

Do you feel tired and worn out every morning, without any reason? Do you have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning? Feeling washed out? I’m not talking about one-off tiredness that you experience after a hard day’s work. Feeling worn out every day, without any apparent reason is one of the first signs of excessive exhaustion.

2. Heavy dependence on stimulants

One of my weaknesses – stimulants! A normal day in the office means 6 coffees. Yep, I know it’s bad. Are you heavily dependent on beverages like tea, coffee, or cola? Do you feel dragged without them? Yes? Step back and think. Do you really need this level of caffeine in your system? Take time out and assess if your dependence is merely out of habit or is it because of necessity. Inability to keep going without intake of such stimulants is another symptom of exhaustion.

3. Struggling to keep up

Okay we all struggle to keep up with life. That’s not what I’m talking about. This is about inability to keep up with the usual routines of life. Do you find it impossible to get little chores done? Things that others may not have problems doing. Typically, someone who suffers from exhaustion may find themselves unable to do the laundry, go to the bank, sort out stuff around the house, clear pending paperwork, find time to cook, etc. It is acceptable if you are working 12 hour shifts every day. But if you have the typical 9-5 job and still struggle to keep up – it is time to assess your situation.

4. Unable to recover completely from illness/injury

A typical symptom of excessive exhaustion is the feeling that your immune system is letting you down. Physical and mental exhaustion prevents your body from a healthy recovery from illness or injury. Do you take way longer than others to recover from illness? Do you regularly feel over powered by cold? Headaches? Fever? If these happen every now and then – it’s a worry!

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